Etiquette For Enjoying Live Music At The Wharf

February 1, 2024

Are you looking for a dining experience during your stay in Orlando, Florida that offers more than just a nice meal and drinks? Then visit The Wharf for its live musical performances from a variety of popular musicians and its Orlando-famous Dockside Dueling Pianos.

If this is your first time dining at a restaurant that offers live music, the n we can help you enjoy the experience to its fullest. Certain etiquette will allow you to enjoy performances without common habits and distractions that come with eating out.

With our recommendations, your first night out with us will be a memorable one. Here is a guide on etiquette for enjoying live music at The Wharf.

1. Limit Use Of Electronics

The Wharf’s interior is designed to make it easy for you to capture photo and video memories for your collection during your visit. However, your phone and other electronics may get in the way of your ability to enjoy not only your meal, but also the musical performances.

Keep your phone on “silent,” so that calls and notifications don’t interrupt the songs, and taking photos without the flash can reduce annoyances for the rest of the audience, as well as the musicians. Save the photos for when each song is over to keep your photo album full and the audience entertained.

2. Order Meals Quickly

While we want you to enjoy your meals and drinks, ordering early can leave you with less distractions while the musicians are performing. This is especially true if you arrive closer to when performances begin.

Booking your table early can make it easier to order meals ahead of performances so you can enjoy both during your stay. Performances are scheduled throughout the week, so booking early won’t just apply to the weekends.

3. Speak Quietly And Sparingly

Another way you can rob yourself of the fun of live music is by talking with friends and family during performances. You may think that the music is cancelling out how loud you are, but your voice may be bothering the people sitting next to you.

Keep your voice down so that the rest of the audience can enjoy the music, and so that you don’t interrupt the musicians. Waiting until each song is done can also make it easier for your friends and family to hear and remember what you say while also enjoying the show.

Couple dancing on stage during a Dockside Dueling Pianos performance

4. Engaging With Performers

One of the benefits of The Wharf’s performances is that musicians and songs come in different shapes and sizes. This may determine how you are able to enjoy songs, especially if you are more familiar with certain genres.

Some songs require being silent and remaining seated to properly enjoy them, while others are improved when you participate. Clapping and dancing along can work with certain songs, so wait for the musician to give you the go-ahead.

5. Making Special Requests

Another way that you can take part in the performances for a fun time is by asking if musicians take song requests. Many of the musicians accept requests, but some may not because interruptions may get in the way of their performances.

When it comes to artists who take requests, make sure to submit yours so you can boost the dining experience, especially if you or someone in your group is familiar with the performer(s). Requests can also be fun if you are visiting for a special occasion.


Live music can improve any dining experience during vacations, and proper etiquette can ensure they stay fun. Book your dinner with The Wharf today for a unique and memorable night out.