Music Calendar

Band lineup and showtimes are subject to change without notice.


Fri,Sep2210:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Sep2311:00 AMLayla Brisbois

Sat,Sep236:30 PMSocietY

Sun,Sep2411:00 AMDennis Haklar

Sun,Sep246:00 PMThomas Watkins

Mon,Sep256:00 PMBig Ron Betts

Tue,Sep266:00 PMAaron Keith

Wed,Sep276:00 PMAaron Lightnin’

Thu,Sep286:00 PMTim Hamlin

Fri,Sep295:30 PMBlue Stone Circle

Fri,Sep2910:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Sep3011:00 AMRafael Rodriguez

Sat,Sep306:30 PMHacksaw Hamlin


Sun,Oct111:00 AMDennis Haklar

Sun,Oct16:00 PMBig Ron Betts

Mon,Oct26:00 PMRafael Rodriguez

Tue,Oct36:00 PMBobby France

Wed,Oct46:00 PMSean Manvell

Thu,Oct56:00 PMThomas Watkins

Fri,Oct65:30 PMSocietY

Fri,Oct610:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Oct711:00 AMAaron Keith

Sat,Oct76:30 PMHacksaw Hamlin

Sun,Oct811:00 AMBen Browne

Sun,Oct86:00 PMTim Hamlin

Mon,Oct96:00 PMJason Link

Tue,Oct106:00 PMAllie Sawicki

Wed,Oct116:00 PMFo'i Meleah

Thu,Oct125:00 PMAaron Lightnin’

Thu,Oct125:00 PMAlter Eagles: The Definitive Eagles Tribute

Fri,Oct135:30 PMJaclyn Hayden

Fri,Oct1310:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Oct1411:00 AMBig Ron Betts

Sat,Oct146:30 PMSpeed Limit 70

Sun,Oct1511:00 AMRusty Wilmot

Sun,Oct156:00 PMNick Hildyard

Mon,Oct166:00 PMThomas Watkins

Tue,Oct176:00 PMLayla Brisbois

Wed,Oct186:00 PMBill Cockrell

Thu,Oct196:00 PMBig Ron Betts

Fri,Oct205:30 PMVoodoo Gypsies

Fri,Oct2010:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Oct2111:00 AMAaron Keith

Sat,Oct216:30 PMOsaka Fall

Sun,Oct2211:00 AMDennis Haklar

Sun,Oct226:00 PMThomas Watkins

Mon,Oct236:00 PMJason Link

Tue,Oct246:00 PMNick Hildyard

Wed,Oct256:00 PMAaron Lightnin’

Thu,Oct266:00 PMBobby France

Fri,Oct275:30 PMSocietY

Fri,Oct2710:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Oct2811:00 AMLayla Brisbois

Sat,Oct286:30 PMJaclyn Hayden

Sun,Oct2911:00 AMSean Manvell

Sun,Oct296:00 PMTim Hamlin

Mon,Oct306:00 PMBig Ron Betts

Tue,Oct316:00 PMRed Mint


Wed,Nov16:00 PMBobby France

Thu,Nov26:00 PMThomas Watkins

Fri,Nov35:30 PMSocietY

Fri,Nov310:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Nov411:00 AMBen Browne

Sat,Nov46:30 PMSpeed Limit 70

Sun,Nov511:00 AMBen Browne

Sun,Nov56:00 PMTim Hamlin

Mon,Nov66:00 PMJason Link

Tue,Nov76:00 PMSean Manvell

Wed,Nov86:00 PMBill Cockrell

Thu,Nov96:00 PMAaron Lightnin’

Fri,Nov105:30 PMRed Mint

Fri,Nov1010:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Nov1111:00 AMLayla Brisbois

Sat,Nov116:30 PMJaclyn Hayden

Sun,Nov1211:00 AMDennis Haklar

Sun,Nov126:00 PMWalker Mathison

Mon,Nov136:00 PMBig Ron Betts

Tue,Nov146:00 PMAllie Sawicki

Wed,Nov156:00 PMThomas Watkins

Thu,Nov166:00 PMFo'i Meleah

Fri,Nov175:30 PMBlue Stone Circle

Fri,Nov1710:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Nov1811:00 AMAaron Keith

Sat,Nov186:30 PMHacksaw Hamlin

Sun,Nov1911:00 AMDennis Haklar

Sun,Nov196:00 PMAllie Sawicki

Mon,Nov206:00 PMJason Link

Tue,Nov216:00 PMTim Hamlin

Wed,Nov226:00 PMSean Manvell

Thu,Nov236:00 PMBig Ron Betts

Fri,Nov245:30 PMBlue Stone Circle

Fri,Nov2410:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Nov2511:00 AMRafael Rodriguez

Sat,Nov256:30 PMOsaka Fall

Sun,Nov2611:00 AMFo'i Meleah

Sun,Nov266:00 PMAaron Keith

Mon,Nov276:00 PMRusty Wilmot

Tue,Nov286:00 PMBobby France

Wed,Nov296:00 PMNick Hildyard

Thu,Nov306:00 PMAllie Sawicki


Fri,Dec15:30 PMJaclyn Hayden

Fri,Dec110:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Dec211:00 AMLayla Brisbois

Sat,Dec26:30 PMSocietY

Sun,Dec311:00 AMRusty Wilmot

Sun,Dec36:00 PMBen Browne

Mon,Dec46:00 PMJason Link

Tue,Dec56:00 PMNick Hildyard

Wed,Dec66:00 PMBill Cockrell

Thu,Dec76:00 PMBobby France

Fri,Dec85:30 PMBlue Stone Circle

Fri,Dec810:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Dec911:00 AMAaron Keith

Sat,Dec96:30 PMSpeed Limit 70

Sun,Dec1011:00 AMDennis Haklar

Sun,Dec106:00 PMBig Ron Betts

Mon,Dec116:00 PMBen Browne

Tue,Dec126:00 PMRafael Rodriguez

Wed,Dec136:00 PMSean Manvell

Thu,Dec146:00 PMAllie Sawicki

Fri,Dec155:30 PMHacksaw Hamlin

Fri,Dec1510:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Dec1611:00 AMLayla Brisbois

Sat,Dec166:30 PMJaclyn Hayden

Sun,Dec1711:00 AMDennis Haklar

Sun,Dec176:00 PMAllie Sawicki

Mon,Dec186:00 PMThomas Watkins

Tue,Dec196:00 PMBobby France

Wed,Dec206:00 PMAaron Lightnin’

Thu,Dec216:00 PMTim Hamlin

Fri,Dec225:30 PMRed Mint

Fri,Dec2210:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Dec2311:00 AMAaron Keith

Sat,Dec236:30 PMOsaka Fall

Sun,Dec2411:00 AMSean Manvell

Sun,Dec246:00 PMBig Ron Betts

Mon,Dec256:00 PMTBA

Tue,Dec266:00 PMRafael Rodriguez

Wed,Dec276:00 PMTim Hamlin

Thu,Dec286:00 PMAaron Lightnin’

Fri,Dec295:30 PMBlue Stone Circle

Fri,Dec2910:00 PMDockside Dueling Pianos

Sat,Dec3011:00 AMAaron Keith

Sat,Dec306:30 PMSpeed Limit 70

Sun,Dec3111:00 AMFo'i Meleah

Sun,Dec316:00 PMBar Fly

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