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5 Reasons to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the Wharf

April 1, 2024

Spending an early summer vacation in Orlando, Florida allows you to celebrate occasions such as Cinco de Mayo. The right dining experience makes your celebration even better, and The Wharf is perfect for the occasion.

Dining and drinking options offer a luxurious meal for friends and family while they enjoy different forms of entertainment in the Sunset Walk square. This restaurant also hosts musical performances from a variety of artists that add fun to your night out.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, add the right elements to your summer vacation in Orlando. Here is why The Wharf is the best place to dine for Cinco de Mayo.

1. Dinner Options

Variety is important when choosing a restaurant to dine out with friends and family while on vacation. While The Wharf is famous amongst seafood lovers, we offer a variety of menu options for guests looking for something different.

Shrimp tacos for dinner can help you bring in the feel of Cinco de Mayo while enjoying the ultimate Wharf experience. You can also enjoy different forms of pasta, handhelds such as the Wharf Burger and Wharf Club, or a New York strip steak for dinner.

2. Cinco de Mayo Drink Specials

One way to improve your dining experiences during getaways is to pair your meals with unique drinks. The Wharf will help you make your Cinco de Mayo dinner even more special, with options including Fisherman’s Margarita, The Wharf Sangria, and Espresso Wharftini.

The specialty drinks menu also includes Cartel Colada, The Elderflower Martini, Paloma, and other options suited for this occasion. The Wharf also boasts a large selection of red, white, and sparkling wines to choose from for your night out.

Bartender placing a lime wedge on a cocktail

3. Live Musical Performances

A Cinco de Mayo party isn’t complete without music, and The Wharf hosts numerous live musical performances on a daily basis. Musical artists from different genres provide original songs and covers of classics for a fun end to your night.

Dining at The Wharf also provides the opportunity to witness live music piano music every Friday night with Dockside Dueling Pianos. You can start the night off with Cinco De Mayo-inspired music and end it with unique piano performances.

4. Sunset Walk Activities

The Wharf is one of the great attractions at the Promenade at Sunset Walk (opens in a new tab), where you can find different forms of entertainment before and after meals. Celebrators of Cinco de Mayo can find fun for the occasion just a walk away before and after their dinner.

The Promenade at Sunset Walk will host its 4th annual Cinco De Mayo Street Party on May 5th, which will include live music with songs from Latin pop, merengue, salsa, bachata, and other genres. You can follow up eating at The Wharf with checking out these singers and DJs, in addition to Cinco De Mayo-inspired street performances.

Cinco de Mayo offers a fun way to kick off your summer, and dining at The Wharf can add memories to this experience. Book a table (opens in a new tab) at The Wharf during your Orlando summer vacation for a fun day filled with food, drinks, and entertainment.

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