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Top 5 Reasons to Love Happy Hour at The Wharf

January 1, 2024

Are you planning on bringing your friends or co-workers out for happy hour and wondering which bar will suit the occasion best? In this case, The Wharf is the way to go for a fun night out for drinks.

Our menu offers a variety of drinks at reduced prices for this occasion to meet the preferences of everyone in your group, including specialty drinks if you want to try something new. We also host live music performances to keep our guests entertained.

Finding a restaurant to bring people out for a fun night is easy with this guide. Here are the top 5 reasons to love happy hour at The Wharf.

1. Options for Drinks

A successful happy hour requires having a variety of options for drinks, whether you have preferences or want to try something new. The Wharf has you covered with its menu for wine and beer.

You may be in the mood for popular beer brands such as Coors Light and Heineken, or you can go with on-tap drinks such as Nautilus Lager and Mango Cart. Our red and wines come in different forms, or you can have our sparkling La Marca Prosecco.

2. Live Music

Another way you can make your happy hour fun is with a restaurant that offers live entertainment, which makes The Wharf a reliable source. We treat guests with live music featuring a variety of performers.

Attending on Friday for happy hour gives you the opportunity to watch our Dockside Dueling Pianos performances. This is a chance to enjoy different drinks from our late-night menu with nonstop live piano music.

Live, enthusiastic crowd at The Wharf watching a Dockside Dueling Pianos performance

3. Specialty Drinks

If you or anyone in your group is in the mood for something outside the usual picks for drinks, we have a specialty menu designed just for you. Our drinks are mixed with the right ingredients to satisfy guests.

Whiskey lovers will want to see what New Fashioned, Heavenly Lemonade, and Irish Mule have to offer. Try Heaven’s Door Smoked Old Fashion for a taste of Bourbon, or The Hurricane or Cartel Colada if you’re in the mood for Rum.

4. Dinner Options

A proper happy hour experience can be improved with meals that match up well with our drinks. We offer a menu fit for such an occasion, especially if you are a fan of seafood and shrimp or want to try these dishes for the first time.

Choose between any our shrimp dishes, with additional options including salmon, seabass, fish, and our oyster bar. Non-seafood fans can also enjoy our burgers, chicken, steak, and pasta, and you can end the night with our Red Velvet Cake, Crème Brûlée, or other desserts.

5. Special Events Menu

Going out for happy hour allows you to not only try new drinks, but try new meals as well. The Wharf allows you to go outside the box for both with our menu designed for special events involving friends and co-workers.

Our oyster bar and house specialties allow you to pair your drinks with unique meals instead of what you typically have when eating out. Desserts such as our Key Lime Pie, Bread Pudding, and Brownie work with your drinks to provide a double-treat for the night.


Taking people out for drinks is an easy process when you know the right place. Make your reservation at The Wharf today for a memorable happy hour.

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